Friday, October 10, 2014

Benchmark or Identity?

What if I told you that I'm a saint?

What if I told you that YOU'RE a saint, too?

It's a tough word to grapple with as one to use to describe yourself, especially if you grew up in or around Catholicism. Catholics tend to place such an extreme, high importance on the holiness and righteousness of men and women who have gone before us. They say those folks deserve more honor, more prestige, and more praise than others who haven't done quite as much in their lives. They esteem those brothers and sisters of the faith to nearly no end, even calling on their names in prayer, even asking for their assistance in times of need.

But when you read the Bible and see how often the church is referred to as a body of saints, then get some of the facts about what was happening in and around those churches, you'll get a much different sense of what it truly means to be a Saint in Christ. The perception that it's some ridiculously unattainable benchmark is missing the full view-- we do not and cannot 'achieve' sainthood... it really is not about our feats at all.

It is NOT about what you and I do or do not do that makes us a saint--no, it is about what Yeshua our Savior has done for us, on our behalf, and who HE has called us to be. It is our identification with Christ Jesus our Lord that serves as the qualifying mark of becoming a saint, nothing more, nothing less. It was His blood that redeemed us and covered us; His resurrection that gave us LIFE, eternal life as a new creation in Him.

The word 'saint' should not scare us. It should motivate us! We ought to be living like heirs of a Kingdom would; as a royal priesthood would speak and act. Because that is who we are in God... He calls us saints because He made us saints!

He has given us new hearts. And now we get to love and live like Jesus did.


Grace & peace!


Saturday, December 31, 2011

Let Us Give Thanks...

I don't really know exactly why I'm on here right now, but I just feel like I'm supposed to write something...

Something about this current stage of life has me thinking about the different ways one reaches others, whether it be through a hug, a poem, a kind (or prophetic) word, or a gift. The manner in which a person is thoughtfully respected and honored is an extremely important one to consider, especially when you balance that with what you know about the person's heart and preferred love language(s).

I assume too often that people feel cared for in the exact same ways that I do. But obviously that's a mistake since everyone receives differently. What will really speak to someone is if I lay down my own opinions about and preferences for the look of love, and just do or say what I know will truly touch that person's heart, in the way they know they're unique and beautiful.

Also, as strange as it may sound, withholding beliefs and opinions at certain times is another way to give. I've had this occur several times in the past few months, and it has honestly surprised me how wonderful it can be to not only simply avoid unnecessary confrontation and argumentation, but really exercise wisdom and build unity by refraining from popping off by making sure everyone around knows full well exactly how I disagree with something they just said or what they hold fast to. While they may not know explicitly that you just granted them respect and love, it will ultimately result in a multitude of moments of peace and deep fellowship, and through those they will experience edification and a substantial understanding of their own acceptance.

I'd like to believe I've been given more wisdom, but it hardly ever seems like what I have is enough. Of course, I feel wiser than in years past, but maybe it's merely experience and getting older that are helping me make better decisions in relationships. Or maybe God really has been graciously giving me more and more wisdom each time I ask for it. I definitely want even more though, for every moment is an opportunity to reach someone, to be reached, or to just simply receive love from Him.

With all the people I come across daily, as well as all of those whose paths I'll cross later, there's no doubt in my mind that I'll need to keep growing in maturation of the spirit and wisdom/understanding of the mind and sincere compassion of the heart in order to have any sort of positive effect on them. Whatever I can glean; whatever I can absorb; whatever I can be a conduit for; whatever I can learn in Spirit and Truth-- those I desire to have, and those I wish to give in the most opportune times to the right person in the perfect way.

Delight isn't hard to come by when your mindset is one of utter gratitude. When you can thank Abba for all of the amazing provisions He gives, Jesus for the glorious redemption He brings, and the Holy Spirit for the unmatched power and understanding He bestows, then your eyes are pointed correctly and your heart, full of grace, is ready to overflow in thankfulness and subsequent generosity to those God calls you to give to. And those "Thank you, God's" are only the tipping point. Going within and beyond those three to delve deeper and broader into the unending grace and mercy and extreme love of our Lord only serves as a momentum-builder to greater and grander things.

I'm ready for more. And I believe I know where to begin:

Let us give thanks.

Grace and peace, yall. Be blessed!


Thursday, November 17, 2011


For those of you wondering... Liss and I are still alive! :)

I know it's been a year since we've updated (which is horrible!) but don't fret your cute little faces off-- we will soon return to these pages to brighten them up with our wonderful words and exciting happenings! :)

Grace and peace.

Friday, October 29, 2010


Justin and I have been so blessed. We have been praying and God has been answering our prayers. It's funny how we pray because we want change, yet when it happens, it surprises us! We should EXPECT God to shower his blessings over us! He wants to! :)

Just a few happenings in our little world:

Last weekend Justin and I drove to Redding, CA with our friend Sarah to see our friends Cierra and Jason. They recently moved there to go Bethel Supernatural School of Ministry. It was awesome being able to see and hang out with them. We got to experience Bethel Church last Sunday morning and were rocked and amazed! I got a vision during worship and Justin was called to pray over the entire congregation! Before we left, Jason and Cierra and their roommates-- Ton and Rianne-- prayed with Justin, Sarah and me. We were all thinking it was going to be a "have a safe drive home" prayer, but God had other plans. We all started to pray and with our hands joined-- God's presence came upon all of us! Each and every one one of us got prophesied over and we were rocked by the Holy Spirit. We were all laughing with Joy! Ton and Rianne, whom Justin and I had just met 2 days before, spoke into our lives with such a knowing and a passion, that they would not have had any other idea, except by the Holy Spirit speaking to them directly.

Justin and I have experienced this sort of thing before, but not for a long time and not TOGETHER. We got spoken over us as a married couple and it was awesome to know that God smiles upon our relationship and that we bring Him joy just by being together :) We were told that our marriage is and will be an inspiration to others! :) It was also encouraging to know that we are not alone. Meaning there are others in our world that have the same passionate fire in their hearts, that are going through the same things as we are and that will be walking on the same path. Justin had leadership-through-teaching, prophecy, and "that he will see many healings" spoken over him-- that he was going to start actually seeing and walking out what he has just been reading and hearing about. I got spoken over regarding being an evangelist and using the sweetness that God has given me to reach others. And there was so much more! God is so good!

Justin and I have been praying for God to bless us financially and we are happy to report that we've been given extra opportunities to make money, and have been simply GIVEN money as well! Checks have come in the mail! Money has come through for us that has been definitely unexpected!

Just yesterday, Justin and I were grocery shopping with Becky (mom-in-law) at WINCO. We had a certain budget to stick to, but to our dismay we were a little over when we were checking out at the register. We both started putting items back that we figured weren't necessary and were considered extra. Becky can attest to the fact that the lady that was behind us in line, the very lady I apologized to for making her wait, spoke up and told us that she would pay for the all of the items we were putting back!! Justin and I, shocked that this stranger would even offer such a thing, told her she didn't have to and that we were fine with putting the extra food back. But she in turn insisted, and said that if her husband was there, he would have done the same thing! She then went on to say that she would be very happy to do it and that she and her husband have been blessed in the past and wanted to return, or pay forward, the favor. Justin and I thanked her profusely and Justin asked her for her name, which was Lisa. I told her that she was answering our prayers by blessing us, which she seemed delighted to hear.

God does not cease to surprise and amaze us! :)

Expect the unexpected...

♥ M

Sunday, September 19, 2010


I long to feel inspired.
I long to be wanted.
Something is lacking in my perspective.
Something is lacking in my point of view.

Where are you?

There comes a point in every woman's life that she needs to fall down on her face before God and worship Him with what she has left, especially when it's hard.

There comes a point in every woman's life when her husband cannot fulfill every need she has, every want, or every desire.

It's sad when I get to this place, but it also much needed. It's a reality check that involves a lot of prayer and hard work, to get back to that place- the place where I find peace...again.

As I say this, I am reminded of the song from Lifehouse called Everything. I feel like this song is my prayer right now...

Find me here.
Speak to me.
I want to feel you.
I need to hear you.
You are the light, thats leading me--
to the place..where I find peace again..

You are the strength, that keeps me walking.
You are the hope,
that keeps me trusting
You are the life,
to my soul
You are my purpose
You're me.

You calm the storms,
You give me rest,
You hold me in your hands,
you wont let me fall.
You still my heart,
You take my breathe away.
Would you take me in?
Would you take me deeper now...

How can I,
stand here with you--
and not be moved by you?
Would you tell me,
how it could be,
any better than this?

Because You're all want,
You're all need,

Self preservation.
Why should I feel the need to protect myself from those around me?
The enemy is isolating me, so he can lie to me and allow me to look at others to blame.
He is tricky, the evil one, the one who comes to haunt me at night.
You will not bring me down, not without a fight.
You know I am not afraid of you,
that's why you come.
To make yourself known,
that you are the king of this world.
that you can control cars breaking down, financial crisis and destroy relationships;
But God is the God of EVERYTHING. So you know what He can do?
Turn it all around to glorify...HIM.
Are you the reason why I am not relaxing?
Are you the reason I am on edge?
Be gone satan, you slithering snake,
for your lies are no longer welcome here.

I choose to praise God in my circumstances because this just proves that My husband and I are on the brink of opening a door of opportunity! How exciting!

Thanks you Jesus for the much needed clarity. I rebuke the lies that I have been listening to and choose to listen to the truth of the Almighty God!!

That said--
I must choose to come to God first to be fulfilled so that my husband can be the frosting on top the cupcake, instead of trying to force my husband to fulfill ALL my needs and getting disappointed at the end of the day when I am not satisfied.

Thank you Papa God for this revelation of truth!!!! :)

Mmm..I love frosting ;)


Monday, August 16, 2010

My heart burns for you

Please allow me to start off by saying- being married is so fun!
Some recently discovered fun stuff about being married:

*Living together is way better than living alone.
*Eating breakfast and having coffee in the morning is the best!
*Camping and sleeping in the same tent is so much fun!

That said- Justin and I still have a lot of work to do!

What I mean is- God is calling us nearer to Him and we must respond, we just don't know exactly what that means yet! We are praying for opportunities and for God to open doors. We have an excitement in our hearts that continues to fuel us towards our destiny together.

In this new season God is calling me to come deeper with him and get to know him more. I have been trying to get into the habit of praying when I wake up. I want prayer to be more apart of my daily routine. I prayed on the way to work today. My heart right now is simply this: I want to be used by God, I want to make a difference every day and not shy away from opportunities and always feeling like, "I am not ready yet."

I want to write more. I want to make an impact with my writing. I want to encourage people to live with the freedom I have experienced with my Father God.

I want to use my voice that God has given me to sing and worship. I have a passion inside of me that has been bottled up for too long. What am I scared of?

I am on a mission: to embrace life to its fullest instead of always thinking of what might happen. Justin is "Mr. Go with the flow", so what does that make me? "Mrs. I worry about everything", I guess! Always thinking of what might happen. But I even worry about the smallest things sometimes. The most common conversation Justin and I have is me worrying about something and him telling me it's all going to be ok. When Justin and I first met, I was much worse. I was a wound up ball of worry! Justin has taught me to trust God so much more than I ever did, (when I thought I was!) and to even trust Him in the little things. Justin has this gift of faith in God that seems never ending. Nothing seems to sway it. I admire that about him and he has taught me so much through that gift.

Something is around the corner and I want to be ready and willing to take it on...

I can't help but think: "Ok God I am married now, what's next?"

"Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will will find, knock and the door will be opened to you."

Matthew 7:7


Monday, August 2, 2010

Prone to Speak

I'm so proud of my wife! :)

Her willingness to listen for God's voice and allow Him to guide her through an important moment is incredible. It really touches me whenever she discloses stories of her day regarding glory moments, or God moving in and around what she did.

Today she had an astounding and very crucial conversation with one of her good friends that brought them both to tears in experiencing some of the insanely amazing attributes of the Lord-- Melissa feeling His power and wisdom and knowledge flowing through her; His gentleness and desire for growth; His awesome capacity to encourage in the midst of an exhortation; and His extreme love that doesn't allow a daughter to get too deep into something messy or isolated. And the friend knowing His phenomenal strength given while she's under the weights of buried stresses and lies; His kindness and meekness despite reacting by running; and the glorious truth of being an heir to the Throne, having access to riches and splendor that nothing on earth can touch.

Melissa really helped in the imperative process of the friend renewing her mind to the Truths of God, getting her thinking on things above, and refuting the lies that were starting to settle. I am so, so thankful that the Father ("Papa") allowed Melissa to speak and gave her what to say, that the Spirit moved in power in that conversation, and that Jesus was lifted up by the declarations made by the two women in witnessing to the passionate love He has for us to experience and exude. I wasn't even there, but God definitely spoke to me that it was an exceedingly beautiful moment between Him and two of His children.

I am so stinkin blessed to have been united with such an angel of a woman, a truly courageous, sincere, extraordinary wonderful daughter of the King. Thank you Jesus! :)

Take care, yall.


Friday, July 30, 2010

The time to wait is over...


Did you hear that?
Better question: Did you feel that?

What does it sound like when you sing heaven's song?
What does it feel like when heaven comes down?
What does it look like when God is all around?

Let it come...

(Brian and Jenn Johnson worship song)

Because its Time!


Did you hear that?
It's all around now.
Did you feel that supernatural shift in this season?

God is bringing people together in this time for a special plan and purpose. We all don't know why exactly..or how it's going to come about..But all we know is that we are yearning for something more..a different kind of life..a different kind of perspective; a shift in understanding.

There is so much to be thankful for! Justin and I are so blessed!! We are blessed to have each other, and to have so many lovely people surrounding us. J and I have an awesome support group of people! More than we could have ever asked for. God is calling us to so much more than what we can even comprehend right now. It's this amazing unveiling of people, ministry and gifts. We are SO EXCITED to see what God is doing in us and what He has planned for us!
God is merging us with other married couples that are on the same 'spiritual page' and we are meeting, having dinner, and praying about what God wants us to do about it!!

But it's also so much more than that!

When J and I got married God, somehow, connected us even more than ever before. We already thought we were close before, but then we got closer. Such a cool, cool thing. I personally could actually feel God entwining our hearts together. It started the day we got married actually and it's this continual understanding and longing that happens every day for me. I always want my husband with me. I always want to talk to him, text him, look at him (I am convinced he gets better looking every day:)), and I want him to be sitting by me, even if we are not talking. When he leaves for work I get sad but then I remind myself of how I will be able to reunite with him later when he comes home. I long for intimacy with my husband- that's the way God intended it to be.

I firmly believe that God uses being married as an example of how He feels about us. (This is true in my case.)
God spoke to me about Justin long before we were married and said, "Remember when I told you that your future Husband would love you like Christ loves the church? That's how Justin loves you- Unconditionally and without obligation or regret."
This is the way God intends marriage to be like: an experience of HIM and how HE feels about you as the bride of Christ!

What an amazing journey this has been so far and it has only been 3 weeks today!! :)
If I knew being married would be this much fun I would have gotten married a long time ago!
Living together is awesome. Merging your stuff into a small space is not so awesome, but doable! Waking up together, having coffee on the porch and reading together are just some of the many things that are so fun about always being together.

We are Best Friends. Lovers. Husband and Wife... and we are on an incredible journey together.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Welcome, everybody! Thank you so much for swingin by to read some of our stuff. We're really excited to be starting a blog together as husband and wife!! We're absolutely thrilled to share our hearts and what God's doing in our lives with you, and we earnestly hope and pray that the power of our Lord Jesus Christ flow through the screen to your precious hearts, to edify, encourage, excite, challenge, and inspire. Take care, everybody, and be on the lookout weekly for new entries. God bless yall! :)

J & M